Exercise programs
Dr. Eric May

Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Powerlifting Coach

If you're looking to increase strength and power, Dr. Eric can help. He's got years of experience working with athletes of all levels and coaches the Wapak Barbell Club. 

Dr. Eric writes 4-week customized programs which are designed to help you increase strength and muscle mass, for $70. 

Greg, Powerlifter

"I finally hit 405 then 425! Thanks Eric for helping me add 60Ibs to my deadlift."

Tyler, Powerlifter

"425lb deadlift @ 181.2lbs. Finally back where I need to be with the weekly PR's" Thanks Eric!

Addison, Powerlifter

With his program I was able to greatly increase my squat,bench and deadlift total. I would highly recommend his programs!

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Dr. Cameron Dennis

Running Coach

If you're looking to start running, train to complete a race or finally set a new PR, Dr. Cameron is ready to help you. 

His method includes running PLUS strength training to help you run faster, longer and safer than ever before. 

Rob, Runner

"It's been great working with Cameron. His programs and insights have helped me get back to running after an injury laid me up for far too long. He brought hope back for me after I was starting to feel like I'd never be back to this sport I love!"

JOY, Runner

I had a knee replacement over a year ago but with Cameron's program, I was able to run a personal best in a half-marathon this year!

ron, runner

I highly recommend Cameron! I enjoy running and went to him for knee pain that I only recently experienced. Cameron provided me with an exercise plan and program, as well as encouragement. After 7-8 sessions and a couple months of following his instructions I am back to running pain free.

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